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Analytical Weighing Balance

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Weighing Balance
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Weighing Balance

Approx. Price: Rs 15 Lakh / UnitGet Latest Price
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Product Details:
Accuracy0.08 g
Model Name/NumberAD-4961-600-1224
Capacity600 gm
Throughput400 pcs/min
Conveyor Belt Width120 mm
Transport MediumUrethane belt
Conveyor Belt Speed15 to 120 m/min
DimensionLength 22 to 20 0mm Width120mm
Weighing SensorStrain gauge load cell
Number of Recorded Items1,000 items (10 groups x 100 items
External InputNon-voltage contact input 4 points
External OutputRelay output 8 points
Weight35 kg (Approx)
1. Feedback control:
This function outputs the difference from the target value in filling and packing machines when there is a difference between the target and actual values (pulse width output method using DO output and zone output method using multiple DO outputs).

2. Weighing Mode:
  • Addtion of Optimal Mode
  • Optimal mode extends the sampling time to ensure accuracy.
  • This mode is effective for measurement of small, light products and long (dimension) products.
  • Note: The judgment timer is extended leading to a throughput that is lower than standard judgment processing.
  • Additionally, rejection processing may not be received in time due to delayed judgment output of rejectors connected at subsequent stages.

3. Target weight tracking:
The target weight tracking function calculates a moving average for weighing values and sets a new target value based on the target, high limit and lower limit values and the settings for the target weight tracking. This function allows the checkweigher to perform checkweighing while tracking changes in weight of the products. Select “Enable” to use the target weight tracking function.

4. Reject confirmation:
Reject confirmation is a function for monitoring products using a photosensor that is attached to the ending side of the flow, such as the passing or discharging side of a rejector. Allows users to check for errors in which products other than those specified pass as OK.

5. DO (Digital Output) additional features:
Consecutive Fail, Error Output, Total Number Count, Conforming Item Count Bin Full, Reject Confirmation

6. DI (Digital Input) additional features:
Air Pressure Error, Bin Full, Emergency Stop, Reject Confirmation

7. Dump Printing:
Print raw data summary results or statistical data on an RS-232C connected printer capable of dump printing (such as the AD-8126). Print the raw summary data or weighing data from processing small numbers (approximately 100pcs/min or less). Data can be sent to a serial connected computer if desired.

8. Serial connection:
Weighing results transmitted by RS-232C after each measurement.

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Approx. Price: Rs 12 Lakh / UnitGet Latest Price
Product Brochure
Product Details:
Model Name/NumberBM-20
Stabilization TimeApprox. 10 secs (when set to FAST)
WeightApprox. 10 kg
Dimensions259 (W) x 466 (D) x 326 (H) mm
Linearity Milligram+- 0.010 mg
Repeatability Gram0.0025 mg (for 1 g)
Sensitivity Drift Ppm Deg Cel+- 2 ppm / Degree C (10 to 30 Degree C, when automatic self calibration is not used)
Weighing Capacity22 g
Minimum Weighing Value0.001 mg
Display Refresh Rate5 times / second or 10 times / second
Standard InterfaceRS-232C, Quick USB
Internal CalibrationMotor-driven internal calibration
Weighing Pan25 mm (Diameter)
Power ConsumptionApprox. 30 VA (supplied to the AC adaptor)
Static electricity, while often overlooked, can be a fatal source of error in precise weight measurements. With the BM Series, A&D seek in various ways to help you perform sometimes-tricky analytical weighing with simplicity and accuracy, including the elimination of static electricity. The world of micro grams (µg) is now accessible to all researchers!

Motor-driven Internal Calibration Mass:
The internal mass of the BM Series allows you to perform calibration quickly and correctly even if you are not skilled at calibrating balances using external masses.

Automatic Self Calibration:
The balance can self-calibrate automatically when it detects a change in ambient temperature.

Automatic Response Adjustment:
The balance automatically adjusts its response characteristics (FAST, MID, or SLOW) by analyzing the influence of drafts or vibrations on the stability of the display value. (Manual adjustment is also possible.)

Special Pans and Holder:
The BM-20/22 includes three sizes (10 pieces each) of aluminum analytical pans, two pans for weighing PM filters , and a microfuge tube holder as standard.

One Touch Automatic Calibration:
The accuracy of your balance is assured with one key press.

Large Weighing Chamber for Improved Usability:
To block drafts, A&D adopted a double-ring structure around the weighing pan and two vertical shields under the separation plate. This offers more space and easier operation than conventional 1 µg balances with a secondary breeze break in the chamber.

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Moisture Analyser
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Moisture Analyser

Approx. Price: Rs 3.2 Lakh / UnitGet Latest Price
Product Brochure
Product Details:
Model Name/NumberMS-70
PowerAC 100V to 120V (3A) or AC 200V to 240V (1.5A), 50/60 Hz, Approx. 400W
Heating TechnologyHalogen lamp (Straight type, 400 Watt max, 5000 hours)
WeightApprox. 6kg
Operating Temperature5-40 Degree C
Measurement Method400W straight halogen lamp heating system with SRA filter and SHS weighing technology
Max Sample Weight Capacity71 gm
Weight Readability0.0001 g
Moisture Content Readability0.001 %, 0.01%, 0.1%
Drying Temperature30-200 Degree C (1 Degree C increment)
Memory of Measurement Programs20 sets
Data Memory Capacity100 data
Sample Pan Size85 mm
Dimensions215(W) x 320(D) x 173(H) mm
  • Moisture balances for numerous applications
  • Moisture % by gravimetric method
  • Test Parameter Memories
  • Timed or auto shut-off modes
  • Process Temperatures to 200C
  • Resolution from 0.1% to 0.001%
  • Bi-directional Rs 232C included on all models

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Semi-Micro Analytical Balances
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Semi-Micro Analytical Balances

Approx. Price: Rs 3 Lakh / PieceGet Latest Price
Product Brochure
Product Details:
Minimum Order Quantity1 Piece
Model Name/NumberGH-252
Stabilization TimeApprox. 3.5 sec (0.1mg) / 8 sec (0.01mg)
Display TypeLiquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Operating Temperature5 to 40 Degree C
Linearity+- 0.2mg / +- 0.10mg
Sensitivity Drift+-2ppm/Degree C (when automatic self calibration is not used)
Dimensions217(W) x 442(D) x 316(H)mm
Repeatability0.1mg / 0.03mg
Display Refresh Rate5 times/second or 10 times/second
Weighing Pan90 mm
WeightApprox. 8.2kg(GH) / 7.9kg(HR-i)
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  • Digital Analytical Balance
  • Digital Analytical Balance
  • Digital Analytical Balance
Digital Analytical Balance
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Digital Analytical Balance

Approx. Price: Rs 3 Lakh / UnitGet Latest Price
Product Brochure
Product Details:
Model Name/NumberGH-202
Stabilization TimeApprox. 3.5 seconds
Display TypeLiquid Crystal Display
Operating Temperature5 to 40 Degree C(41 F to 104 F), 85%RH or less (no condensation)
Linearity+- 0.3 mg
Sensitivity Drift+- 2ppm/ Degree C (when automatic self calibration is not used)
Repeatability0.2 mg
Weighing Pan90 mm
External Dimensions217(W) x 442(D) x 316(H)mm
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